What Is A Concierge?

What Is A Concierge?

There are a variety of definitions / descriptions available about what a concierge is and does.  One definition that I do like is simply – an often multilingual, wish assessment and fulfillment specialist.

Most concierges are employed in a four or five star hotel, a high end residential / commercial building or as a private concierge.

The concierge is often the most important person/department at the property when it comes to direct guest interaction.  In addition to handling the normal dining, event ticketing, floral, tailor, transportation, tour, spa, golf recommendations and bookings, the concierge is also frequently tasked with making the impossible – possible, the difficult – routine, and the incongruous – congruous.  The concierge manages this by utilizing his or her network of connections in the area and/or around the world to provide access to the otherwise inaccessible. From last minute dinner reservations at the hottest spots in the region, to the most sought after tickets to premier events, dream fulfillment, often on-the-spot is the concierge’s distinguishing specialty.

A Definition By Example

One insightful example of how a concierge thinks/works comes from The Art & Science of the Hotel Concierge, by Holly Stiel.

Paraphrased and Denverized – A guest returns from a “Premium Burger” establishment that their concierge had recommended to them. “Thank you for the wonderful recommendation. I loved the Bison Burger. In fact I would love for my brother in Buenos Aires to try one. Could you get one to him tomorrow and make sure that it is hot?” The concierge responds, “Would he like the Truffle Parm Fries or the Sweet Potato Fries?” Many people would laugh, scoff, or use the, essentially forbidden in the concierge world, word “No”. A concierge smiles thanks the guest for the feedback and promptly sets out to fulfill the guest’s request.

Zac Johnson
Chef Concierge - Brown Palace Hotel

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